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Hongkong, December 3, 2017 to 2018 season, the fig formula formula Championships (FE) held two games in Hongkong on 2 and 3, and Lin Zhengyuee, the chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region and the director of Hongkong business and Economic Development Bureau, attended the opening ceremony.Lin Zhengyuee said the HKSAR Government and Hongkong citizens all welcome the event to be staged in Hong Kong.Electric formula founder and CEO Iger said that last year's response, so this year will be the Hongkong station to events, so that more people can enjoy the game.It is reported that two days of the two round of the match in the Hongkong island ring.Around the Central Waterfront Park is a city track, a total length of 1.86 kilo米,共有10道弯,并包括一个555米长的直线完成一圈大约需要一分钟。在第一场比赛的2天下午,球队赢了这场处女。(吴宇杰)